HSFX 7 Patching Guide - Update to HSFX 7.0.3

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HSFX 7 Patching Guide - Update to HSFX 7.0.3

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Installation Instructions for HSFX Version 7.0

The HSFX 7.0 installation package is available to download via torrent which is much faster than File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

First you need to download uTorrent which is the software for downloading via torrents.

1. Download uTorrent: http://www.utorrent.com/downloads

2. Install uTorrent (follow the instructions, easy and fast).

3. Download the HSFX 7.0 torrent (HSFX Version 7.0.MkII.torrent) at Mission4Today:

http://www.mission4today.com/index.php? ... ls&id=1785

Note: You will need to create an account at mission4today.com if you do not already have one.

4. Unzip 2_HSFX Version 7.0.MkII.zip

5. Run HSFX Version 7.0.MkII.torrent


Filenames and Size

The installer for HSFX version 7.0 consists of the following files:

- HSFX_Version_7_0.EXE - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W02 - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W03 - 650 Mb.
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W04 - 62 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_7.EXE ..........- 650 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_7.W02..........- 650 Mb.
- Part2_Ver_7.W03..........- 620 Mb.
- Part3_Ver_7.EXE...........- 650 Mb.
- Part3_Ver_7.W02..........- 650 Mb.
- Part3_Ver_7.W03..........- 333 Mb.

This is a three part installation due to the size limitations of the installation software. Part2_Ver_7.EXE file is the second part, and Part3_Ver_7.EXE the third. Both are executed automatically by the HSFX_Version_7_0.EXE. To start the installation, place all of the files i the same directory and run HSFX_Version_7_0.EXE.

Note: This is a very large release because it contains all content from the very beginning of HSFX.


HashCal sums

- HSFX_Version_7_0.EXE - MD5 -12086fe8875e7acccaa36aef0dea088e CRC32 - 45a96aa2
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W02 - MD5 - d9c00c4b063b95c5b73bf245878e95df CRC32 - c5d201b1
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W03 - MD5 - 39397ccfbcaafa0632b870c68ad02e4d CRC32 - ae91e621
- HSFX_Version_7_0.W04 - MD5 - bdcbf18ababd1e61bf2a7b80c6e5ea64 CRC32 - c0fb7bb1
- Part2_Ver_7.EXE............ - MD5 - 6dee675bf7d32c9ad4fb9f4bb23e04e9 CRC32 - c28e5e10
- Part2_Ver_7.W02........... - MD5 - 595fe820e08a22d48314269452193eac CRC32 - 685706d3
- Part2_Ver_7.W03........... - MD5 - a6775d6eeafd5ae6f4ac43e359a3e859 CRC32 -8c11dff0
- Part3_Ver_7.EXE............- MD5 - 9be59863f34d28bc88388bf82aa4c61b CRC32 - 128f0583
- Part3_Ver_7.W02............- MD5 - a5bbaa163c1571aa9e503d1315ea1a3f CRC32 - ddd067e5
- Part3_Ver_7.W03............- MD5 - 73ac56c307af98b50d75b847937dcbf2 CRC32 - 6b3ce510


Steps Required to Install HSFX version 7.0

Step 1 : Use the jsgme switcher (jsgme.exe) and disable all installed mods, including HSFX 6.

Step 2 : Ensure that the version of IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 to which you are applying HSFX 7.0 has already been updated to IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Version m4.12.1 (if you have just installed the m4.12.1 patch, run it at least once to be sure it is working).

Step 3 : Run HSFX_Version_7_0.EXE and answer the questions displayed by the installer.

IMPORTANT : For users with previous versions of HSFX and any other modifications installed, the HSFX Version 7.0 Installer will delete previous versions of the "Files" directory and all files contained within, and rename the "Mods" folder (jsgmemods) as they must be updated to work with the IL-2 Team Daidalos m4.12.1 patch to function. If you want to keep these folders you should rename them or move them before running the Installer.


Installation Instructions for HSFX Version 7.0.3

Use this file to update from HSFX v7.0.0 to v7.0.3 HSFX 7.0.0 to HSFX 7.0.3

Use the jsgme switcher (jsgme.exe) to enable HSFX 7.0.3.
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