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New war suggestions

Posted: 17 Sep 2018 14:08
by Python
I'm working on a new war and am going to rework one of the teds i'm going to add some troops balloons armored convoys ext i am taking suggestions for which map and things you want into a new war how long and how hard do you want it I can rework any of the maps we have or offer a new one I have called terra nova it is kind of like the english channel or italy that zolts had done not the one by Redux

Re: New war suggestions

Posted: 18 Sep 2018 10:41
by Space
I was really bummed to see RoF fizzle. No42 and J99 had a great little war going with all sort of different missions- bombing specific targets (like the red boxes in RB), recon, trench mapping (2 missions), spy drop off & recovery (2 missions), possible bonus mission if you bring the spy home or finish mapping as 'things' come up. successful recon game an HQ location for extra bombing attempt. Probably still no way to get this sort of action from RB since it does not have 'triggers'.

I think anything you can put together will be taken up by the faithful.

Re: New war suggestions

Posted: 18 Sep 2018 14:51
by Python

Space we are going to do some similar stuff on this new map capture the HQ recon the front lines find the convoy we will have plenty of balloons troop camps pill boxes arty gallor bases will be harder to kill too many thing to post but fling the mountains in italy should be fun