Happy Holidays from Tblaster

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Happy Holidays from Tblaster

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Just stopping by to see if the group is still going and pleased to see the web site still here.

All I have anymore is steam il2 - i'm sure you all have moved on. I haven't flown for a longtime, but kinda wanna fly again. Does anyone still fly IL2?

I retired since I was last here, and then got bored and decided to start doing tax preparation - so i'm incredibly busy from Dec - Apr. But I get freed up in the summer time.

I have real bad asthma now, and cant do voice for very long at all.

But all my limitations notwithstanding, I miss you guys and what the group does...any chance of an old "wanted to be, but never was, has been" rejoining?

My timing sux - i won't be able to do much flying until May, lol.

But anyway...just wanted to stop in and wish you all happy holidays and a great new year!


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Re: Happy Holidays from Tblaster

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S! Sir,

Happy New Year! to you and yours.
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