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Welcome to Wings~of~War

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Wings~of~War is a series of continuous 24 hour, 7 day dynamic campaigns for IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, using the Dedicated IL-2 Server Software, Ultra Pack 2.01, FB Daemon II (FBD2), and a Wings~of~War exclusive; Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) Beta 3.46 for use with MDS. The settings for the campaigns are essentially full switch as Wings~of~War campaigns are designed to be realistic in the extreme and are intended to create a very immersive combat experience. As such, there are virtually no rules. Every attempt has been made to govern game play through the use of available software.

It should be noted that there is no committee. One of the reasons that there are virtually no rules for Wings~of~War campaigns is that there is no committee with which to lodge a complaint. And, this is by design. It is our intent to eliminate issues that are caused by the subjective nature of the various interpretations of a rule, such as vulching. And, that is why there is no rule against it. Please understand, before you register, that if you are in the server during the campaign, you are a target.

Scoring is based on the default values for targets. You must survive and return to base to get 100% of your score. If you are forced to land outside of the boundaries of an allied airbase you will be awarded 70% of your score. You will be awarded 50% of your score if you bail out over friendly territory. You will need to hit re-fly if you are captured or die in combat to receive 10% of your score, and you will be kicked from the server for a period of approximately 10 minutes.

Points are awarded depending upon what happens to the plane that you shoot at in each combat. Points are awarded differently based on what happens to the enemy aircraft that you targeted and whether it is destroyed in the air, is forced down, crash lands at a friendly base, or another aircraft intercepts it on its return journey to base. The last plane to shoot into the enemy aircraft will be awarded the kill points. If ground units also hit the target and no air hits were achieved the ground unit is regarded as the killing unit. If the targeted plane does not disintegrate but lands successfully the score is ignored. Pressing re-fly adds the points achieved in the last sortie to the score.

NOTE: The server will kick a player within 30 seconds of his death. This can sometimes occur before the enemy aircraft hits the ground when the pilot is killed. In this scenario, you will not be awarded the kill. It may appear to you as though the other pilot disconnected to avoid granting the kill, but this is not typically the case. Check the chat to see if the server announced that the enemy pilot was killed. If you do not see the kill message, and the pilot in question enters the server right away, you can assume that he was disconnected for some reason. However, I would not immediately assume it was intentional. If you believe you have seen an instance of cheating, please feel free to contact the administrator directly. Please DO NOT post accusations on the forum as that does not benefit you, the administrator, or the event itself.

Rules & Registration

As stated above, there are virtually no rules. There are only two rules for Wings~of~War campaigns. They are;

1.) Each participant must be registered for the campaign (i.e. Berlin 1945, Marianas 1944).
2.) Any pilot found to be cheating (flying hacked, intentionally exiting the server in flight to avoid a death, etc.) will be banned from all future campaigns.

The registration page can be found here;


NOTE: It is not practical to add participants during the event, so registration is closed while Wings~of~War campaigns are in progress.


Ardennes 1944 (July 2-8, 16-22 2011)
Italy 1943 (August 6-12, 20-26 2011)
Leningrad 1942 (September 10-16, 24-30 2011)
Tobruk 1941 (October 8-14, 22-28 2011)
France 1940 (November 5-11, 19-25 2011)
Okinawa 1945 (December 3-9, 16-23 2011)
Marianas 1944 (January 7-13, 21-27 2012)
Kursk 1943 (February 4-10, 18-24 2012)
Burma 1942 (March 3-9, 17-23 2012)
Murmansk 1941 (April 7-13, 21-27 2012)

You can also find information about Wings~of~War campaigns on the calendar;

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