Basecamping and vulching

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Re: Basecamping and vulching

Unread post by Tiger » 04 Oct 2010 16:41

I would agree that the literature provided for Wings~of~War events needs to change. Some of the rules are now unnecessary, and a better description of the event needs to be written.
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Re: Basecamping and vulching

Unread post by Smokin » 04 Oct 2010 22:21

Most of us do this for fun or as a stress realiver or what ever and I know how it is to get in from work after driving 400 miles, working for 3 hours on a rig, coming back the same 400 miles, getting on and getting vulched. whne peaple start bitching about it then its a cop out.
I have been vulched a total of 0 times and I've had no issue with attacking planes on the ground in many instances, so my POV on vulching is far from "copping out" but rather a more nuanced position on what is fair and what is not. I agree that people in general need to understand that vulching in of itself is not cheating or bad, but to completely disregard the complaints made in this thread is counter productive to a good sportsmanship and good fun enjoyable experience for all involved. What's a copout is concluding that "tough nuggies" is the answer.

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