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Very Little activity

Unread post by Hunter » 08 Mar 2018 09:11

Just wondering and a little confused. I have been back on for awhile and even on hyperlobby almost every day expecting avg to be taking over and flooding the skies but to my surprise I have been the only one on there looking for some sorties. The maximum number of players on 1946 in whole was only 10 people. Horrible! Not like the days we flew on hyperlobby. you had to wait in line to even get in the main page.
So not sure what to say. Very little activity and two separate installs of IL2 HFXS and VP mod kinda taking up space on my hard drive for no reason.
Well, I walked away from THAT one!
Another Pilot: Yeah... A few more landings like THAT, and you'll be a Japanese ace!

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